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Posing Tips: Series 1

When in doubt, touch or play with your hair.

Whether you're a guy or girl, messing with your hair is always an organic movement. I can tell someone to touch or play with their hair, and everybody will do something different. Maybe it's sweeping hairs around your face back. Or maybe its taking a section and braiding it. Run your hands through it. Flip it. Get it MOVING!

6 Hair Prompts to Say to your friend when out taking pictures:

1. Sweep the hair off your face by your eyebrow, chin down, eyes up at camera

2. Look away from me and on 1, 2, 3 flick your head back around all "Covergirl" style.

3. Play with a tendril of hair while tilting your head.

4. Lean forward slightly and fluff and play with hair

5. Act like you're washing your hair

6. Turn into the wind for a Beyonce vibe

Take these ideas and build on it. Don't be afraid try something. We live in the digital age where we can retake a photo as many times as we want. But don't forget, the best candid photos aren't overly planned. Let your light shine!!

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