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Featured Senior: Lexie

Let me just say... I know I say this about every senior, but Lexie was so much fun to work with. She's got killer charm and a carefree attitude which really made her sessions (yes PLURAL!) something incredibly fun and special.

We first started our influencer season with an in-studio shoot that was styled by me out of my Style Closet. I'm not gonna lie... I love when seniors let me style their outfits. Over 10 years photographing seniors, I've come to learn what it takes to make a great camera ready outfit for images with impact.

Her first senior session was kind of a whirlwind! The weather was beautiful... until it wasn't. The storm (that was not in the forecast), hit fast and hard! We worked at lightning speed to get in what we could before the rain came. When the rain hit, we decided to squeeze in one of her Influencer themed shoots at Steak-n-Shake for National Milkshake Day. Well... COVID almost ruined that because their dining room was closed, but then their manager came to the rescue and allowed us in to use the counter and barstool area and gave us a free milkshake in a fancy glass. WHAT!? Steak-n-Shake for the win! As we were taking milkshake pictures inside, an employee said, "Well, the perfect way to end a senior session would be dancing in the rain". We all looked at each other, Lexie was game! I was totally there for it! So we pulled out vehicles to the back of the parking lot, I opened the back hatch of my SUV and stood underneath while Lexie danced in the rain. EPIC!

So we ended up picking a 2nd day to wrap up Lexie's first senior session. This time around Lexie wanted a beachy outdoor feel for some of her pictures. Thankfully our area has so many great areas to get a variety of looks. It was HOT... so getting in the water was OKAY with me!

We also got an ICE CREAM break! #Winning! Lexie chose National Ice Cream day for one of her Influencer themes. So of course we had to go to Dairy Barn and get a cone. HOLY MOLY the cone was huge! It melted faster than she could eat it. But this girl had no shame! When it's hot out, and ice cream is life, you make it work. And that she did!

I get to work with Lexie the rest of the year as an influencer AND she's booked another senior session for the Fall. So until we meet again...

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